Bugatti awards – hyper sports car wins readers’ polls

Bugatti hyper sports cars impress several international car juries. The Bugatti Divo1 and the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ win three awards.


In this year's Top Gear Award, the Bugatti Super Sport 300+ impressed the jury in the category “Physics Lesson of the Year”. Last summer, Bugatti was the first manufacturer ever to achieve a speed of more than 300 miles per hour with a pre-series vehicle. A world record – and a record for eternity. The jury rationale: “While the 38-mph jump doesn't sound much as compared to a standard car, it took a very special vehicle, a team of the brightest minds at Bugatti, Dallara and Michelin and nerves of steel on the part of Le Mans driver legend Andy Wallace.” The Super Sport 300+ is a limited edition 30-unit model that pays tribute to the world record car and will be supplied to customers in mid-2021. At a unit price of EUR 3.5 million net.

In addition to the Bugatti Super Sport 300+, the Bugatti Divo has received two prestigious prizes from German magazines in recent weeks. The hyper sports car from Molsheim was voted best sports car of the year in the “Import Super Sports Car” category as part of the AUTO BILD SPORTSCARS Award. The editorial team of AUTO BILD SPORTSCARS presented a total of 110 current models in ten competition categories.

And that's not all. The Bugatti Divo also impressed readers of the well-known car magazine “sport auto”. Every year for 27 years, readers have cast their votes on the best vehicles in all sporting categories. This year they singled out the Divo, putting it in first place in the “Super sports car production class” category.

“It makes the entire team and myself proud to win these prestigious awards. We’re very pleased that not just our customers but also journalists and automobile fans appreciate the Bugatti Super Sport 300+ and the Divo,” says Stephan Winkelmann, President of Bugatti. “This has been a very successful and eventful year in which we have seen records, interesting editions and our 110th anniversary celebration and it is now coming to an end, so I look back with pride on what the whole team has accomplished. The Divo, like the Chiron2, is one of the most highly individualised masterpieces of automotive craftsmanship ever to be have been created. We are delighted that automotive experts agree with us and have presented these awards to the Super Sport 300+ and the Divo. And I look forward to a very special year in 2020,” says Stephan Winkelmann.

With the Divo this year, Bugatti has extended its longstanding tradition of coach-building, which involves placing specially designed bodies on an existing chassis. The Divo, optimised for lateral acceleration, has its own very distinctive character. The 1,500 PS 8-litre W16 engine is a contributing factor here, as well as a new driving response that is focused on agility, manoeuvrability and optimum handling performance on winding roads. In order to achieve this, the developers particularly refined the car’s aerodynamic properties, suspension settings and weight. The Divo produces 90 kilograms more downforce and weighs 35 kilograms less than the Chiron. In terms of lateral acceleration, the Divo achieves an increase to 1.6 g.

Produced in a small-scale series limited to 40 vehicles, the model was sold out shortly after the presentations, however – at a net unit price of EUR 5 million. Production of the Bugatti Divo started this year at the main plant in Molsheim, Alsace along with the Chiron, and the first deliveries to customers are planned for 2020.

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    WLTP: Fuel consumption, l/100km: particularly high 43.33 / high 22.15 / medium 18.28 / low 17.99 / combined 22.32; CO2 emissions, combined, g/km: 505.61; efficiency class: G
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    WLTP: Fuel consumption, l/100km: particularly high 43.33 / high 22.15 / medium 18.28 / low 17.99 / combined 22.32; CO2 emissions, combined, g/km: 505.61; efficiency class: G