One of a kind. A highly customized Baby II destined for Dubai.
12 05 2021

Pur Sang and Vitesse models delivered to customers in Europe and the Middle East.

30 04 2021
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To establish the Bugatti brand and products in the 21st century where both are today was not an easy task. When the Bugatti Veyron 16.4. hit the market in 2005, there had been reluctance about the product as well as the revival of the French luxury brand.

Bugatti bolide static - front view

… Bugatti developed an extreme, track-focused hyper sports car with an unprecedented weight-to-power ratio of only 0.67 kg per PS?

10 12 2020

Bugatti presents world-first used for the Bolide, the race track-focused hyper sports car.

Pushrod, rocker, rockerbracket
21 01 2021

Imagine ultra-lightweight components that are as strong as a reinforced concrete column. Now this is possible, thanks to technology led by innovative Bugatti engineers.

Design sketch Bugatti Bolide front view - Nils Sajonz, Bugatti Design.
03 12 2020

Extreme, uncompromising, contemporary. What shapes the design of the most radical hyper sports car in recent Bugatti history?