Chiron Super Sport @ MiMo
11 06 2021

Bugatti presenting its new hyper sports car Chiron Super Sport and the Bolide to an international public in Italy for the first time.

Bugatti Chiron Super Sport High Speed front
08 06 2021

With the Chiron Super Sport, Bugatti presents a new hyper sports car that boasts a truly unique combination of comfort and top speed.

Bugatti’s Super Sport Legends.
04 06 2021

Four Bugatti models beyond compare and three singular Bugatti protagonists, each with unforgettable moments in “their” Super Sport.

18 05 2021
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A matte surface, adhesive strips, scratches, and minor grazes bear witness to a tough life. This Bugatti Chiron was never spared. For more than eight years, this vehicle served as a piece of work equipment, a tool used to develop the Chiron to production maturity.